Fee Information/Refund Policy

Fee Information/Refund Policy


The following constitutes the financial policy of Diamond Recovery Center, hereinafter Diamond Recovery Center, with respect to services rendered at this facility.

Facility cash pay charges an all-inclusive rate of:

●  Detox – $1500.00 per day

●  Residential – $1000.00 per day

●  Partial Hospitalization – $350.00 per day

●  Intensive Outpatient – $250.00 per day

●  Sober Living/Recovery Residence – $800.

– Facility will bill insurance carriers on behalf of the Patient where applicable. This is a service we provide for our Patients. The Patient is still responsible for all charges incurred.

– Facility has contractual agreements with many insurance carriers. Some contracts require that we accept payment from the insurance carrier as payment in full, in such cases, Patients may not be responsible for copayments and deductibles.

– If the insurance carrier fails to remit payment for services within(90) days, the Patient will be billed for the balance on the account. All statements are due in full upon receipt.

– Facility does not provide refunds of any monies paid by or on the behalf of Patient if the Patient leaves the facility against medical and/or clinical advice or for major rule violations.

– If Patient is transferred for therapeutic or medical reasons, any monies paid by or on behalf of the Patient will be refunded less than our full per diem rate for each day the Patient is at our facility.

– Initial payment for treatment is due upon admission unless insurance assignments are accepted. Subsequent payments are due on the first day of each subsequent treatment period.

– I understand that my records are protected under Federal Confidentiality regulation (42U.S.C. 290dd-3 and 42 U.S.C. 290ee-3 for Federal laws and 42 CFR Part 2 for Federal regulations) published August 10, 1987, and cannot be disclosed without my written consent unless other provided in the regulations. I understand that my medical record may contain information concerning my psychiatric, psychological, drug or alcohol use, HIV/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and/or related conditions.

– Insurance and/or cash pay clients who have completed and discharged from treatment may not request a change to the insurance they provided initially or to request that insurance pays, following completion that was paid as “cash pay.” Exceptions to this are determined by the CEO and Executive Director through escalation of the request by the past client or family. Should there be extenuating circumstances that arise where the provided treatment was not covered or is required to be changed to support payment in full.