Professional Interventions

Professional Intervention Services

Meet Travis, Owner of Diamond Recovery Centers and Professional Interventionist.

About Travis Whittaker

Travis Whittaker is the owner of Diamond Recovery Centers and is also a professional interventionist who performs interventions across the nation. He has a separate company called Living Recovery Interventions where he travels across the U.S. and helps families empower their loved ones who are suffering from addiction and mental health disorders to seek help and get professional treatment.

Being the preferred rehab center in Utah, Travis has seen many families call for help but the addicted individual just refuses the help. This is when he realized he should offer his intervention services to the Diamond Recovery clients as well. If you are interested in our services here at Diamond Recovery Centers but your loved one is in denial and refuses to get help, Travis is here to help you and your family empower your loved one and get them to see the positive effects and possibilities that come with our rehabilitation programs. Don’t let your loved one’s denial cost them their life – take action today and let’s get them the help they need.

If you would like to learn more about Travis and his intervention services, click here to visit his Living Recovery Interventions website.